Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Westlife Real Radio...

Westlife tell David Heane they are thrilled to be heading out on tour to promote what they consider the best album of their career.
The album, which has been produced by Grammy-award-winning producer John Shanks, is a refreshing more up-to-date album. And the band told David that those expecting an album full of ballads will be getting something different: “We are not saying it is a whole new direction for us but it is definitely refreshing and more up-to-date. And the production is more mature pop music, which is where we think we should be at.”
The band said they are hoping the album will be a hit with the fans, a crowd of whom gathered outside Real Radio as the band were interviewed inside.
They told David: “It is pretty nice to travel around and have people... they are always there at every station. We have a massive fan base and they are so loyal. They have been for 12 years and that is the main reason we keep making albums because we have a lot of fans.”
Source/Credit Real Radio

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