Thursday, 18 August 2011

Westlife 02 SmartSounds!

Westlife are playing an exclusive gig at the O2 SmartSounds concert on November 24th. This is the first time the boys have played a gig like this and they’re really excited about it. You could be there on the night. Check out for more details.

Nicky on Xpose 19th August.....

Check the Facebook Page here for bigger pictures of The Byrne!

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Nicky Byrne Heart Campaign!

People have been urged to call an ambulance immediately if they suspect they are having a heart attack, after figures revealed that many fail to do so. The new initiative – “Don’t die of embarrassment” - is backed by Westlife’s Nicky Byrne and his family after his father, Nikki Byrne Senior passed away from heart attack in 2009.

“We all know someone who has had a heart attack and the symptoms are not always what you think. It does not always have to be a Hollywood heart attack. That’s what happened to my dad,” said Byne at the launch of the campaign at the Royal College of Physicians in Dublin. “He wasn’t feeling well but, like many men, he didn’t want to cause a fuss,” he added.

After losing his father to a heart attack, Byrne talked about the devastating consequences of waiting too long to seek help: “He had a pain in his lower stomach the day before he passed,” he said “We now know he was having a heart attack. At just 60 years old, he passed away in November 2009″.

Download Nicky talking about the death of his father on 2FM HERE. Very heartbreaking and Nicky should be very proud, he did very well.

And check out the first advert below (Nicky talks at the end)

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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Jodi shows off her Baby Bump!

Kian & Jodi were recently spotted taking a well earned break in Ibiza where Jodi showed off that beautiful baby bump! Check out some pics below...

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Mark Feehily supports Anti-Bullying!

Mark has signed up to be an Ambassador for ISPCC Anti Bullying Campaign...

Mark actually came with the idea, he said he was inspired by his own personal experiences of bullying when he was younger.

Mark said: 'I know at first hand how the impact of being bullied as a teenager can quite literally last a lifetime and I thought that if we could involve well-known ISPCC ambassadors perhaps people will think twice about bullying or indeed allowing bullying to happen. Everyone involved believes strongly that the message that emanates from each shot is a simple one. Bullying and abuse, whether verbal, physical or emotional, is unacceptable in today's society.'

He will be on at 10.15am talking about the campaign this morning, you can listen HERE. And he will be on TodayFM at 5.30PM this evening!

Check out the ISPCC Article HERE.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Westlife are real men!

Westlife are in this months Cosmopolitan Magazine and are supporting Women’s Aid’s campaign against domestic violence, they modeled a range of exclusive charity t-shirts. Designer at Debenhams Henry Holland has created the t-shirts, available exclusively in Debenhams stores and at The tees carry the slogan ‘I’m a Real Man’ and you can nab one for £12 with profits going to Women’s Aid.

Westlife’s Shane Filan said: “My wife is my best friend. The thought that people are afraid to go home to their partners for fear of being abused physically or emotionally makes me feel sick. It’s not easy but you need to get help and get out.”

Kian Egan also of Westlife added: “Any man that hits a woman is not a real man, he’s a coward. With my wife Jodi, I think it’s my job to protect her and stop anything bad happening in her life. Abusing your partner is the opposite of that. I want her to wake up and feel safe.”

Check out the 'Real Man' Campaign website HERE.

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