Monday, 24 October 2011

New Westlife Statement...

We wanted to take a moment to say thank you to everyone for their kind words and support since making our announcement. Our fans continue to be the best support system we could ever hope for and we thank each and every one of you.

The support we have felt over the last couple of days gives us all strength as we look forward to our new individual paths in life and we all feel excited about the next chapters that we are embarking on. We know it doesn't make for a good story but regardless of what you might read in the papers this was wholeheartedly a united decision. Obviously there is already a huge amount of speculation as to what exactly is next for us all, but until you hear it from us it remains just that; speculation.

We are planning a fan Q+A and some interviews in the coming weeks so that we can speak directly to you all and so that you can hear our plans, straight from us. Until then, we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts - we really do have the best fans in the world.


Westlife Still Number 1!

Click Here for Larger.

Westlife are proving they are still number 1 in the Pre-Order Charts. The Greatest Hits is sitting at Number 1 and Number 4 in the Pre-Order Chart! You can Pre-Order The Greatest Hits now from the links below. You can now also Pre-Order Lighthouse on iTunes HERE. Deluxe
HMV Deluxe

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Westlife 'What Makes a Man'

There is a brilliant idea going around for all the Westlife Fans to Download 'What Makes a Man' and get it into the charts! Can we get it number 1? Bob cant fix it this time....

You can Download 'What Makes a Man' from iTunes HERE
Download 'What Makes a Man' from Amazon HERE.
You can even buy the 'What Makes a Man' CD HERE.

Friday, 21 October 2011

Westlife Lighthouse Video!

You can also listen to a snippet of 'Poets Heart' the B-Side to Lighthouse HERE. Dont forget to pre-order HERE or go out and get it on the day! Lets get Westlife their 15th Number 1 and get Cliff Richard off their backs once and for all!

Westlife: For the last time

ITV1 will be welcoming, Westlife: For The Last Time, in a farewell special featuring one of the biggest-selling boy bands in music over the last decade.
This unique one-off music spectacular will mark Westlife’s final TV appearance as the pop giants take to the stage to sing some of their greatest hits.

Over the past 14 years Westlife have had a staggering 26 top ten hits including 14 number one singles and 11 top five albums. They have had countless awards and sold over 44 million records worldwide.

Westlife: For The Last Time will feature exclusive interviews with key figures in their story as well as archive footage which will provide a unique insight into the life of this world renowned band. Guaranteed to be the hottest ticket in town, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see Westlife for the final time, as the global superstars perform their biggest hits live in front of a studio audience.

Westlife: For The Last Time was commissioned by ITV's Controller of Entertainment John Kaye Cooper and will be screened later in the year. The hour long special will be made by ITV studios in association with Sony Music. The executive producers are Lee Connolly and Steve Lappin (Sony Music).


Thursday, 20 October 2011

Dont Panic Captain Mainwaring.

Here's just a calm message to all the true fans, don't panic as much as you are. The beauty about your own blog is that you can talk Westlife fan language, express your own opinions and hopefully dry some of your tears... a little bit.

I have been thinking logically about the recent news that Westlife are splitting up, yet they never say they are splitting, its the press that are saying that. They are not 'Splitting Up' like Take That did because everyone fell out with Robbie Williams and he left the band. Nowhere in the statement does it say 'Splitting Up'. It says "we announce our plans to go our separate ways". Keith Duffy hit the nail on the head when he said in an interview yesterday about Westlife's decision, he said "These days you can take some time off, do your own thing and then come back and make another album or whatever. So I don't understand why they announced they were splitting. We finished a big tour last April but we'll never break up. We're together forever now, it's only a case of how often we work together. I think the next big thing for Boyzone will be 2013 which marks our 20th anniversary." They have announced it because its the safest thing to do. They will want to go out with a bang in case when they do decide to come back there is no market for them. The smartest thing they could do is cash in their chips. We already knew that they wanted to take a break after the Greatest Hits Tour, my guess would have been a year and then maybe an album the year after, so we wouldn't have had a new Westlife album until 2014 anyway! It would also be a big risk coming back after 2 years with no record deal, so instead why don't they take a longer break, say 5 to 6 years, announce that they are going "their separate ways" while they take a "well- earned break" and reunite for their 20th Anniversary? And in the meantime they get to spend time with their families and explore other ventures they are interested in. Its very smart, they have too much un-finished business to stop. We know that, just don't forget it, don't get caught up in the drama. They have to make money, its not just about the music and the 4 boys unfortunately, its also about the Record Company, so why not make everyone a lot of money out of their "Farewell" tour and even more money when they reunite? Im not judging them or claiming its some sort of publicity stunt, I just don't think its as bad as we think it is. Its still sad, they may or may not come back for years, I just dont think its as heartbreaking as we first thought. Westlife Forever, remember?

Official Stament, read it carefully this time.
Keith Duffy Interview.

Westlife Farewell

Bliss TV (channel 372 on Sky) will be having a Special Westlife Farewell show starting at 2pm and they will also be showing the brand spanking new video for Lighthouse! Tune in if you can!

Also Chart Show Channel 365 will be showing Lighthouse Video at 1.30pm!

Westlife Press Conference.

Westlife will hold a Press Conference at 4.30PM today, you can tune in on Sky News Channel 501 or watch live HERE.

EDIT 11.25am: Apparently the Press Conference has been canceled.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Nobody died... but it feels like it.

I want everyone who sees this to post a comment at the bottom of this post about how you truly feel about Westlife going their separate ways and about the boys in general. Here's mine, if it inspires you or you can relate, post a comment.

I sat back and took it in for a moment, thinking positively about all the memories and how I knew this was coming and that this was going to be the last album. I knew I had to go and tell my mum. I did cry on my mums shoulder for a moment when I tried to tell her, I gasped for air, because she's seen the joy and emotion that a small group of people have brought to my life since I was 8 years old. Im 22, I know and knew at the time I was crying that this is silly, but what are you suppose to do if you cant hold back that emotion? Its emotional because when your standing in a room of 16,000 other people, listening to some of the best singers in the world and it moves you to tears; makes you feel emotion; makes you feel sentimental; makes you remember being younger. Its not silly, its a part of you. You were apart of something. And if you weren't, if your narrow minded enough to have never experienced that, then your missing out. Nobody died... but it feels like it.

Westlife Splitting Up

Official Statement...

After 14 years, 26 top ten hits including 14 number one singles, 11 top 5 albums, 7 of which hit the top spot and have collectively sold over 44 million copies around the world, 10 sell out tours and countless memories that we will forever cherish, we today announce our plan to go our separate ways after a greatest hits collection this Christmas and a farewell tour next year. The decision is entirely amicable and after spending all of our adult life together so far, we want to have a well-earned break and look at new ventures. We see the greatest hits collection and the farewell tour as the perfect way to celebrate our incredible career along with our fans. We are really looking forward to getting out on the tour and seeing our fans one last time.

Over the years Westlife has become so much more to us than just a band. Westlife are a family. We would like to thank our fans who have been with us on this amazing journey and are part of our family too.

We never imagined when we started out in 1998 that 14 years later we would still be recording, touring and having hits together. It has been a dream come true for all of us.

Kian, Mark, Nicky and Shane


Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Westlife 2012 Tour Dates...

Westlife will play the following dates:

Newcastle - Monday 14th May - Metro Radio ArenaX
Liverpool - Tuesday 15th May - Echo Arena
Cardiff - Thursday 17th May - Motorpoint Arena
Sheffield - Saturday 19th May - Motorpoint Arena
Birmingham - Sunday 20th May - LG Arena
Nottingham - Tuesday 22nd May - Capital FM Arena
London - Wednesday 23rd May - O2 Arena
Manchester - Saturday 26th May - Evening News Arena
Glasgow - Sunday 27th May - SECC

Check Ticketmaster, general sale 9am Friday 21st Oct. Although I just managed to book tickets with that link so try your luck!

Monday, 17 October 2011

Westlife & Brian McFadden to reunite?

There are rumors going around that the boys will be doing a Christmas Special on ITV1 this year and Brian McFadden will be joining them for 1 song on the night. Celebritain article is below....

Brian McFadden is to rejoin Westlife for a Christmas tv special.

According to reports, Brian - who quit the band in 2004 - will duet with Kian, Shane, Nicky and Mark on one song during an ITV1 special which will see the lads perform some of their greatest hits.

It's the second time the Irish boyband have hosted their own ITV1 show, and this time around its to promote their new Greatest Hits CD which will be released 21st November.

Westlife are also releasing a new single called Lighthouse and a dvd marking their 14 year anniversary. The band said “It’s almost hard to believe that we’ve been doing this for as long as we have. We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved and are looking forward to releasing our Greatest Hits as a special thank you to our fans who have supported us throughout our career.”


Westlife Cosmo Photoshoot!

Remember this gorgeous photo of the boys?

Well you can now watch a behind the scenes video from the shoot.....

Westlife - Cosmopolitan Photo Shoot on MUZU.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Westlife Greatest Hits Vol 2 Artwork & Tracklist!

Here is the Artwork for the new Greatest Hits Album...



1. Swear It Again
2. If I Let You Go
3. Flying Without Wings
4. I Have A Dream
5. Against All Odds
6. My Love
7. Uptown Girl
8. Queen Of My Heart
9. World Of Our Own
10. Mandy
11. You Raise Me Up
12. Home
13. What About Now
14. Safe
15. Lighthouse
16. Beautiful World
17. Wide Open
18. Last Mile Of The Way

Deluxe Version

CD1 (same as standard version)


1. Season in the Sun
2. Fool Again
3. What Makes A Man
4. When You’re Looking Like That
5. Bop Bop Baby
6. Unbreakable
7. Hey Whatever
8. Obvious
9. When You Tell Me That You Love Me
10. Amazing
11. The Rose
12. Us Against The World
13. What About Now (Live at the O2)
14. Uptown Girl (Live at the O2)
15. Mandy (Live at the O2)
16. Home (Live at the O2)
17. Flying Without Wings (Proms In the Park 2011)
18. You Raise Me Up (Proms In the Park 2011)


1. Swear It Again
2. If I Let You Go
3. Flying Without Wings
4. I Have a Dream
5. Seasons in the Sun
6. Fool Again
7. Against All Odds
8. My Love
9. What Makes a Man
10. I Lay My Love On You
11. Uptown Girl
12. When You're Looking Like That
13. Queen of My Heart
14. World of Our Own
15. Bop Bop Baby
16. Unbreakable
17. Tonight
18. Miss You Nights
19. Hey Whatever
20. Mandy
21. Obvious
22. Ain’t That a Kick
23. Smile
24. Angel
25. You Raise Me Up
26. When You Tell Me That You Love Me
27. Amazing
28. The Rose
29. Home
30. Us Against the World
31. Something Right
32. What About Now
33. Safe
34. Swear It Again (US Version)
35. World Of Our Own (US Version)

Also you can now hear a full version of Ligthhouse, enjoy!

Friday, 7 October 2011

Westlife Lighthouse Artwork!

Check out the Artwork for Westlife's Brand spanking new single Lighthouse! What do we think? Looks awesome, ya?

Dont forget to Pre-Order your copy HERE.

HQ Quality HERE.

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Lighthouse Video Shoot!

Daily Star got the chance to hang out with Westlife on the set of their new video for 'Lighthouse'. Read the article and drool over the pics below....

IT'S 6am and the sun is rising over the stunning South African landscape.

In the pre-dawn light, the sight is incredible.

Baboons peer inquisitively at us, a zebra roams lazily across the plain and looming into view in front of us is the unmistakeable sight and sound of.... Westlife.

The manband can't believe their luck to be here in this glorious wilderness to shoot a video for their new single Lighthouse.

They're so thrilled they invited the Daily Star to exclusively catch all the behind-the-scenes action.

The breath-taking backdrop is the Cradle of Humankind heritage site in Gauteng, an hour north of Johannesburg. But the lads chose it because they were literally just passing.

"We were in South Africa anyway as part of our Africa and Asia tour so we thought: 'Why not film the new video here too?'" says Nicky Byrne, 32.

Bandmate Mark Feehily, 31, explains: "Record companies aren't spending the millions they used to on videos. "We wouldn't want to do a rubbish video in a studio. And why should we when we can have a million-dollar backdrop like this for free?"

The Irish hunks, who have had a whopping 14 UK No 1 singles in 14 years, are not fazed by their environment, even though it contains some of the deadliest creatures on Earth.

"We have a medic here carrying a pack of anti-venom for snakes and spiders and other first aid," adds Mark. "We've even got a helicopter on standby in Jo'burg that can get here in under seven minutes should we have any emergencies."

But the cheeky lads are clearly not worried about the dangers. While Shane Filan, 32, films his solo alongside a picturesque river, Mark and Kian Egan spot a wooden canoe and gleefully decide to test-drive it.

"Come and do your interview on here," they beckon. But I refuse, frightened by the talk of crocodiles - and it's just as well.

Just seconds later the boat drifts into the back of Shane's shot and we hear a completely different type of wildlife - an angry director bellowing at the lads to get out of the way. Mark steers back to shore and tells us: "As soon as I got in I regretted it. Water started leaking in."

He confesses it's not the first prank that's misfired. "We've already delayed the shoot by an hour," he admits. "Our van got lost after we stole the keys and the driver couldn't follow the one in front."

But the jokes show just how happy and relaxed Westlife are. "We love it here," says Kian, 31. "We love coming back, the people are lovely, the weather's lovely. Just look around. It couldn't be more perfect."

However, he reveals that not all the lads have enjoyed every second.

"We don't have any phobias but Nicky had to scramble on his hands and knees over a bridge and he wasn't too happy about that," he laughs.

Nicky adds: "I don't care about bugs or heights but I was just too close to this river. I thought if I fall down now that's not too sensible so I crawled across. But Mark just hopped over in one - he didn't care."

Aside from the landscape and its animals, there's another reason the lads love coming to South Africa.

"We did a gig in Pretoria yesterday for around 15,000 people and the crowd were great," says Nicky.

"Playing to African crowds is so different. They have different favourite songs from the one back home. Mandy is a massive hit here, more than any other."

He continues: "The last video we filmed here was When You're Looking Like That back in 2000 so it's great to be back."

Westlife can't wait for next month's release of Lighthouse, which was penned especially for them by Take That main man turned X Factor judge Gary Barlow, 40.

Mark reveals: "Gary wrote it with John Shanks and they also wrote Patience for Take That, so we're con-fident we have a great song."

But isn't Gary a rival? "Some people might think he's the competition," says Nicky. "But we don't see it like that at all. It's kind of cool he's written for us."

Mark agrees: "I love the idea of Gary writing for us and throwing all the rules out the window."

The lads will follow their single with a new greatest hits album. They say there's a good reason why they've lasted so long.

“We've always realised how lucky we are," says Shane, 32. "We've never taken it for granted.

"Many bands split and then try to come back with a reunion, but apart from Take That it just hasn't worked for anyone."

"Some people don't realise what they've got till it's gone.

"We just never let it get away."

Original Article Here.