Thursday, 20 October 2011

Dont Panic Captain Mainwaring.

Here's just a calm message to all the true fans, don't panic as much as you are. The beauty about your own blog is that you can talk Westlife fan language, express your own opinions and hopefully dry some of your tears... a little bit.

I have been thinking logically about the recent news that Westlife are splitting up, yet they never say they are splitting, its the press that are saying that. They are not 'Splitting Up' like Take That did because everyone fell out with Robbie Williams and he left the band. Nowhere in the statement does it say 'Splitting Up'. It says "we announce our plans to go our separate ways". Keith Duffy hit the nail on the head when he said in an interview yesterday about Westlife's decision, he said "These days you can take some time off, do your own thing and then come back and make another album or whatever. So I don't understand why they announced they were splitting. We finished a big tour last April but we'll never break up. We're together forever now, it's only a case of how often we work together. I think the next big thing for Boyzone will be 2013 which marks our 20th anniversary." They have announced it because its the safest thing to do. They will want to go out with a bang in case when they do decide to come back there is no market for them. The smartest thing they could do is cash in their chips. We already knew that they wanted to take a break after the Greatest Hits Tour, my guess would have been a year and then maybe an album the year after, so we wouldn't have had a new Westlife album until 2014 anyway! It would also be a big risk coming back after 2 years with no record deal, so instead why don't they take a longer break, say 5 to 6 years, announce that they are going "their separate ways" while they take a "well- earned break" and reunite for their 20th Anniversary? And in the meantime they get to spend time with their families and explore other ventures they are interested in. Its very smart, they have too much un-finished business to stop. We know that, just don't forget it, don't get caught up in the drama. They have to make money, its not just about the music and the 4 boys unfortunately, its also about the Record Company, so why not make everyone a lot of money out of their "Farewell" tour and even more money when they reunite? Im not judging them or claiming its some sort of publicity stunt, I just don't think its as bad as we think it is. Its still sad, they may or may not come back for years, I just dont think its as heartbreaking as we first thought. Westlife Forever, remember?

Official Stament, read it carefully this time.
Keith Duffy Interview.


  1. Basically I agree with you, they wanted to go for a break anyway, probably longer than for 1 year only. But because they don't know what the future holds, they can't promise a comeback. And it's also very important, that they never told it's a split and that they will never-ever come back. So in my opinion there's a chance that they will do a reunion or whatever, if they all want it.
    On a different note I don't think there's anything to do with the "money". This tour won't be that much bigger than the previous ones, and they have enough money anyway. Plus they can make money in many other ways, if they did it for the money, they would have splitted up for years.

  2. I agree! Im not saying Westlife are all about the money, what I mean when I say that is it will be a bonus for the record company, its not just about the 4 boys, I know that they are not like that. But its the wisest most business like thing to do, its very safe and all 4 boys are very smart.

  3. yeah i agree to it too...i was thinking about this since they announced the split...and i too have read their official message and wondered "where it actually said split?"..Its the press..I say they would come back way before their 20th anniversary