Friday, 9 December 2011

Westlife - Dream Over

So a couple of weeks ago some of you who follow WestlifeBlog on Twitter might remember this video I tweeted about. I have made many Westlife videos in the past and this is one that I am quite proud of (and Rock That Body). Anyway, today it turns out that somebody has stolen it and uploaded it to their own channel claiming its the Official Music Video for Beautiful World, which will be Westlife's last ever single and the video should be out next week. As flattering as it is that the majority of people believed it was the official video, it isnt. The fact that somebody has taken it from my channel and is now gaining a lot of views and comments for hard-work they did not create has really, really annoyed me. The video took me hours to edit, not including the 3 hours it took to get all the clips together off the DVDs. I'd really appreciate it if you could share this post or video from my channel... or ask for the other video to be removed which can be seen here.

Westlife - Dream Over

Westlife - Rock That Body

Untitled from Lindsay Walker on Vimeo.

Brian McFadden Tweeted about my video today! He said: "Love the new westlife video. So many memories and so many hair styles. Not sure if its official or not but I like it, if its fake they did a great job".

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