Friday, 1 April 2011

Westlife announce new Greatest Hits album

So to add to my earlier post the news is getting more official thanks to Celebritain.....

Westlife have announced a follow up to their 2002 Greatest Hits Volume 1 album, "Unbreakable".

As the fourpiece performed their final UK date on their Gravity tour, Shane revealed that a Greatest Hits album is planned for November, which will feature "four new singles".

Fans won't have to wait that long for a new release however; "We're going to release a single this summer" said Shane. "We can't wait!" added Mark, "it is the first time in about ten years that we've put something out in the summertime so we hope you're going to buy it".

Throughout the concert at Birmingham's LG Arena, the lads showed their gratitude to RCA for giving them new opportunities and at one point Shane made an apparent dig at their former label Syco saying "we wanted this to be the second single from our Gravity album but it didn't happen... Anyway, things have changed now".

Last month, Nicky said "Truth is yes we have moved on
from Syco records after a fantastic 13 years. But it is
time for a change and it's very exciting."

Westlife are on tour with Kian's band Wonderland who
release their debut album in May.



  1. wow such a short time since leaving Syco and already they are doing a better job on their own!!! Can't wait for the single and the Greatest Hits Album!!

  2. i think this album will be the last with syco, there still left one album in their contract with syco...

  3. Congrats WESTLIFE your doing very best..thanks guys for all the songs, really really good..

  4. wow we gonna miss you guys.sadly you you didnt come to SOUTH AFRICA!!!!!!!