Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Brian & Westlife Back Together?

Brian posted some lovely things about the Westlife boys on his twitter earlier saying they will always be his brothers and that he would love to cut another album with them!

"I had a dream tonight I was back on stage with westlife playing some crazy sized flootball stadium. I'm not gonna lie! I woke up smiling.
If I'm to be honest yes I would love to do an album with boys and show JLS and Take That what we are really made of! If the boys wanna challenge these newcomers I am always up for a fight. Thay know where I am. Armed and ready to reclaim glory! The reason I'm feeling like this is I watch my boys release an incredible emmotive song and video and it play third fiddle to average, when will folk them the credit they deserve? They are not an XFactor band. They are a hard working creative machine who sacrafised a lot to get here. They will always be my brothers. No matter what happens I will support them til the day they hang up the mikes."

What do you guys think? Would you like to see Brian do another album with Westlife? Maybe 1 song, like a duet? Maybe a couple of songs at a special show? Let us know what you think in our Poll to the right of this page!


  1. Surely Brian has been inspired by Robbie's comeback to Take That. Brian is a nice & talented guy. But I don't think it would be fair for the lads. I mean, Westlife have picked themselves up and worked very hard to be where they are now after Brian departure. I think a special collaboration or duet would be great enough.

  2. I totally agree. Something special like a collaboration or a 1 of show would be great fun, but thats enough!

  3. I wished he never Left..!

    Would be awesome if they did duet,just one song
    Remind us of the beautiful old days <3
    But it is up to the westlife guys...

  4. when Brian left the band in 2004 i was sure once he'll want come back one day. Westlife are so big so it was obvious that Brian will sorry his departure!